Florence Nightingale

  • Denmark/Germany, 2000
    MiniDV, stereo, 14 min.

  • Inside. Soon becoming a Partisan.

  • Partisan: Sylvia Schwarz
    Imprisoned Women: Christina Yvonne, Sylvia, Miriam, Stine
    Corpse of the Peatlands, Florence Nightingale: Lene Markusen

    Script, Camera, Sound, Costumes, Editing: Lene Markusen

  • Corpse of the Peatlands.

  • Biedermeier.

  • Vacatoin House of the Actress.

  • The Lady With Very Strong Headacke.

  • The Imprissioned Women.

  • The Discovery of the Corpse in the Peatlands.

  • Florence Nightingale.

  • The Escape of the Corpse.

  • A New Story.